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BigCommerce – the new online shopping cart that can do wonders

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With the fastest growing e-commerce platform and with about 15000 paying customers, it is quite evident that BigCommerce is a ‘BIG’ name in this sector. If a person is planning to set up an individual professional online store, this is probably the best platform for him/her. The best part is that with the various online marketing tools offered by BigCommerce, it is possible to draw huge volumes of traffic from places like eBay, Facebook, Shopzilla, Yahoo, Google, iPhones as well as iPads. The company offers its services to about 65 countries of the world and is expanding gradually on a global level.

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Here are some of the best features of BigCommerce that have attracted such large numbers of people:

User friendly and easily navigable online shopping cart solution

BigCommerce is one of the most user friendly online shopping cart solutions available. The interface is simple and it is quite easy to navigate the entire site and look for things. People who have had no experience with online shopping carts and stuffs will have no problem in figuring out what the shopping cart is all about. Infact it becomes easier to sell out a product with an effective online shopping portal.

Selling of the product on eBay and Facebook

The administration panel in the BigCommerce store enables controlling of all eBay operations. One does not need to go to eBay to do that. This helps in managing the selling of items, managing the shipping activities and the invoices, checking of the inventory on a regular basis etc. Coming to Facebook, BigCommerce helps in creation of a product tab on the Facebook fan page. By this, people will be able to see all the products that are listed categorically. Clicking on the product, the customer will be redirected to the BigCommerce site from where they can easily buy the product.

Keep in touch with the customer through automated email marketing

For a company or a product to grow, it is very important that customer feedback is obtained. Even if it is negative feedback, it should be encouraged as it helps the company to identify its mistakes and grow from there. BigCommerce also believes in this principle and thus it has automated email marketing tools that help to reach out to the customers and know their views regarding the product.

On the whole Bigcommerce is going to make a grand name for itself in the online shopping cart industry.

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